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The Vending Machine Business

For entrepreneurs who are interested in a business with low startup costs, high profit margins, and fast profit that comes in 100% cash, the vending machine business is what you should be looking at. The initial investment is small, even more so if you are using small machines. In addition to these low startup costs, no prior selling or business experience is required to get started, as the products in your vending machine sell themselves.

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When you buy your first machine, you need to think about several different factors. First, where do you want to place your machine? Location is everything in the vending business. A perfect location selling suitable products for that location will empty a vending machine in as little as a day. Incorrect placement or a poor product choice could mean no one buys anything.

You would not place an energy drink machine in a school, the school would never let that happen. If you placed that energy drink machine in a bar, you would have a hard time keeping beverages in it! As with any business venture, you need to research locations beforehand. It would be wise to have a location ready for your vending machine even before you have purchased it. This may be inside of a mall, a high school, a bar, or even a gym. Having a location ready and waiting for your machine will minimize downtime, and maximize profits straightaway.

A good startup plan could be as follows:

1) Come to an agreement with a business or location that will allow you to place machines there.

2) Purchase one or two machines, large or small. Small if you want to start out slowly to get the hang of things, large if you want to dive headfirst into the vending business.

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