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Thailand Marriage Visa – Long Term Stay in Thailand

Anyone who have gone through and felt the real atmosphere of the land of smiles would certainly fall in love of its sweetness. But before you give in, make sure you are ready to take the circumstances. Foreigners are required to acquire proper visas should they wish to stay in Thailand longer whether for business, work, retirement or marriage purposes. Literally, Thailand visa law is one of the most complicated laws you would ever encounter. Ranging from the visa fees, the process, requirements, up to the conditions and worst are the penalties if you violate a rule regardless if done unintentionally – ignorance is no excuse.

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To qualify, first and apparently the most important requirement is being legally married to a Thai national. Second would be the financial requirement that can be satisfied in 2 ways: (a) Monthly income of 40,000 baht. This can be a shared income with your partner as long as the total meets the figure. Your partner must show his/her income tax documents to prove that he/she is earning the said amount. (b) Money in the bank of at least 400,000 baht deposited 2 months prior to the actual marriage visa application.

Thailand Marriage Visa is a Non-Immigrant type O Visa that is normally valid for a period of one calendar year. Typically, a 90-day non O visa must be obtained first and subsequently convert it to a 1 Year Thai Marriage Visa once the financial requirement is settled. It normally takes a week to process the non-immigrant O visa. However, to convert it to a long term Marriage Visa, it may require at least 2 visits at the Thai Immigration Office.

Considering this is a by stage process, hiring a law firm that specializes Thai Immigration concerns to handle your Thailand Marriage Visa application would be of great advantage especially if you need to travel back to your home country after your marriage. With the assistance of a legal firm, you can be rest assured that you will get your visa on time and with ease.

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