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Managed Print Services – What Companies Need to Know

If you manage an office of an average size, you may well already know the benefits of managed print services. You may have considered outsourcing your printing requirements, or perhaps you have been researching your options to learn more about MPS and how they work within an organisation. Whether your business is mostly online or producing huge volumes of printed material such as newsletters, pamphlets or magazines, just about any office can benefit from MPS. Knowing how these services work is essential however to ensure that you know what to look for when hiring a managed print services company.

Here are some interesting facts that you may or may not realise about MPS:

• MPS save you money

One of the biggest reasons for considering managed print services is the huge deal of funds that can be saved. This includes money that is spent on paper, ink and other related services such as maintenance and other related costs. By outsourcing all your print needs to one company, you will cut down on added costs significantly. In addition to this, you will get the benefit of good deals and discount through established contacts and preferred suppliers used by your MPS company.

• MPS save the environment

Not only do managed print services help you save significantly on funds, but they also help save the environment. Every year, thousands of tonnes of paper is wasted across the world, with endless amounts of print outs, faxes and other outputs being generated by offices all over the planet. With only about 10% of companies recycling, this leads to a massive level of discarded paper products being dumped at waste sites. Even though paper is biodegradable, this still has a huge impact on the earth – not to mention the impact of paper manufacture and ink production. Saving paper and using wisely will help minimise the impact drastically for a greener office environment.

A good MPS offers a range of services, including phone, fax and other hardcopy device audits. As all of these services are managed under one roof, this ensures that your entire office and all resources can be audited and managed effectively. Plus, a good MPS will also help to educate management and employees about effective resource allocation and use, helping to optimise current set ups and improved systems for a better and less wasteful practice.

• MPS end up earning their value in a short space of time

Worried that it may be an added expense to hire an MPS? Consider this – the amount that you save over the space of just a few months will make the cost you may pay for this service well worthwhile. Plus, flexible service solutions allow you to choose the service duration that best suits your budget and requirements – either on an ongoing basis or ad hoc basis.

• MPS are suitable for almost any and every organisation

Many businesses assume that MPS are strictly for large corporations that have a high level of paper use. This is a common misconception however, as almost every company can benefit from these services if they are using print outs, faxes and phones on a daily basis. Managed print services offer an excellent and affordable option for all businesses seeking reliable resource solutions.


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